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Home Alone

  1. These guidelines are basically for ladies or children who may be at home and alone.

  2. Beware of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, telephone mechanic. home delivery boy or a group of Sadhus. Unless you have called for them, you should not let them in your  houses without proper verification. In case such a person has been called, then you are advised to keep the main door open until he goes out.

  3. It would be better to have your house doors and windows properly secured by fixing iron grills and safety chains and key-holes.

  4. Never open your safe/almirah in front of your servant or even small children.

  5. Before engaging any domestic help, his/her character and antecedents should be got verified through a local police station and other sources.

  6. It is always desirable to engage a night watchman (Chowkidar) for your street/mohalla. Somebody from amongst you should also occasionally check him at odd hours to see if he is doing his duty properly.

  7. Activate your neighborhood in case you are going out on vacation.

  8. While keeping a new tenant, information should be given about him to the nearest Police Station so that his character and antecedents could be verified. Even if a new person has moved in your locality. his activities should also be watched closely and if need be, informed to the police.


  1. Keep all the relevant documents like registration, insurance, driving license and pollution certificate.

  2. One should not drink and drive.

  3. One should always keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

  4. Do not jump the red lights for you can meet with an accident.

  5. Never drive with your head lights on in urban areas.

  6. The yellow line by the side of the kerb means "No Parking".

  7. The yellow line in the middle of the road means i.e. divider - so please do not cross this line, even while overtaking.

  8. The zebra lines are meant for pedestrian to cross the roads. Do not park/stop your vehicles on them.

  9. Never drive your vehicles with the elbow on the window of the driving door.

  10. One should observe lane discipline and avoid un-necessary over taking. Of late, Highway drivers have developed a wrong habit of giving the right indicators for some body following behind to over take. One should not pick up this wrong habit, because you are normally presumed to be turning right while giving your right indicator.

  11. Always give way to the vehicles coming from the right side - whether you are at an intersection or otherwise. The common belief is that the bigger vehicle has a right of way. But that is not correct. Only the vehicle coming from right side has a right of way. We must respect others' rights also.

  12. The number of people who lose their lives on the roads in India is apalling. We are ourselves to blame for it. All gentlemen do not mind wearing a crash helmet on their head, while riding the two wheelers, but do not consider it necessary that their better half, who is riding on the pillion, should also wear one. Remember the male to female sex ratio in the country is also decreasing so far as women are concerned. So both the riders on two wheelers must wear crash helmet.


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