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  1. In case you have to lodge an FIR or in other words, report a crime, you go police station to do so. It is necessary that the complaints of the crime you want to report the jurisdiction / territorial area of police station you have gone to.

  2. Although such complaints can also be lodged in a police post, your Police Post will forward your complaint for a proper lodging of the FIR.

  3. There are two kinds of offences- cognizable and non-cognizable.

  4. Cognizable cases are those whose ingredients constitute an offence as per jurisdictions to record FIRs. In these cases, police is required to take up action and also ask fro a free copy of FIR lodged by him.

  5. The second kind of offence is non-cognizable minor case like simple investigate only if there are orders to do so by the local Judicial Magistrate.

  6. In case your complaint is not being registered at the Police Station, you are contact with supervisory officer (DSP) of the Police Station or District Superintendent have also been given this website.

First Information Reports are being lodged on the following performa:-





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