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Why have a Cyber Cell?

The prefix ‘Cyber’ typically relates to computer hardware, software & networks (including internet) and to flow of information or communication. The world today is experiencing unprecedented growth in the number of users of computers & of internet. There exist over 1 billion internet users the world over. India, with its 55 million users, ranks 4th in the world. The plummeting prices of PCs/Laptops/Palmtops and availability of cheap, high speed internet access shall further drive the growth in the number of computer users. A parallel development has been the telecommunication revolution with the advent of the mobile phone technology. India already has over 100 million mobile phone users and the number is expected to rise further with falling call tariffs and availability of cheap handsets. The two areas of information flow are getting integrated over time with internet providing PC-to-PC call facilities and with mobile phones providing mobile access to internet.

This rapid development in the area of information technology today poses new challenges for the police department. The use of internet and computer systems has led to new types of ‘Cyber Crimes’ like malicious emails, fraudulent electronic transfer of money, misuse of stolen credit cards etc. Similarly, the introduction of the mobile phone technology has destroyed the competitive edge that the police department had enjoyed by having the exclusive right to use wireless communication. Today, the criminal elements enjoy an equal access to mobile communication. The incidence of theft/snatching of mobile phones is rising rapidly. The criminals today, are increasingly using mobile phones for effecting different kinds of crimes such as making extortion calls, detonating IEDs etc. There is a need to have a specialized group with the requisite technical skills to assist and guide the investigative arms in overcoming challenges posed by recent technological advances in the sphere of information technology.

What shall the Cyber Cell do?

The Cyber Cell of Fatehabad Police has been established as the nodal agency for providing all possible technical assistance to the different investigative units in matters pertaining to mobile phone technology and internet. The cell is rapidly developing expertise in areas like call monitoring, tracking down of stolen mobile phones etc. The cell is being equipped with sophisticated hardware. Assistance from software experts is also being solicited in order to upgrade the computer skills of Fatehabad's Cyber Cops.

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